John Frary ,The CEO, and Editor-in-Chief

John Frary is a renowned author, musician, and CEO of one of the most comprehensive and informative websites for With decades of experience in the music industry, John has become a trusted authority on all things related to acoustic guitars and equipment.

Born and raised in a musical family, John began playing guitar at a young age and quickly developed a passion for the instrument. He honed his skills over the years, playing in bands and performing in venues around the world. Throughout his career, John has had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented musicians and producers in the industry, further expanding his knowledge and expertise.

As a true guitar enthusiast, John has always been fascinated by the technical aspects of guitars and the gear used to create the perfect sound. He has spent countless hours researching and testing different guitars and equipment, constantly striving to find the best possible combination for achieving the ideal tone.

In 2005, John founded his website, which has since become the go-to resource for guitar enthusiasts of all levels. His reviews are comprehensive and detailed, providing readers with an in-depth look at each guitar’s features, sound quality, and overall value. John’s website also features informative articles on a wide range of guitar-related topics, from playing techniques to gear maintenance and repair.

What sets John’s reviews apart is his commitment to providing unbiased and honest assessments of each guitar he tests. He doesn’t shy away from pointing out any flaws or weaknesses, but he also highlights the strengths and unique features of each instrument. This level of transparency and honesty has earned him the trust and respect of his readers, who rely on his expertise when making purchasing decisions.

In addition to his work on the website, John is also an accomplished author, having written several books on guitar playing and equipment. His writing style is engaging and accessible, making complex concepts easy to understand for readers of all skill levels.

As the CEO of, John is deeply involved in every aspect of the business, from content creation to website design and marketing. His passion and dedication to providing the best possible user experience have helped make his website one of the most popular and respected resources for guitar enthusiasts.

Overall, John Frary is a true authority in the world of acoustic guitars and equipment. His knowledge and expertise have helped countless guitar players find the perfect instrument and gear for their needs. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, John’s website is an invaluable resource for all things related to acoustic guitars.