Best acoustic guitar for small female hands 2023

Are you a fan of the acoustic guitar but wondering which one is best for your small hands? Look no further – we have you covered! Here, we will help you find the perfect acoustic guitar for those petite female hands in 2023. So get ready to strum away!

Best acoustic guitar for small female hands 2023

  1. Yamaha APX600 Acoustic-Electric Guitar (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Fender CP-60S Acoustic Guitar (Best Overall)
  3. Fender CC-60S Beginner Concert (Budget Friendly)
  4. Yamaha FS820 Acoustic Guitar
  5. Fender FA-235E Concert Acoustic Electric Guitar
  6. Ibanez AEG50 Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  7. Fender CC-60SCE Concert Acoustic Guitar

1) Yamaha APX600 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Best acoustic guitar for small female hands

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The Yamaha APX600 Acoustic-Electric Guitar combines innovation, playability, and sound quality to elevate your music. Yamaha’s dedication to quality and performance is shown in this instrument, which appeals to all performers.

Elegant Beauty: A Visual and Auditory Wonder

The Yamaha APX600’s sleek black design attracts both eyes and ears. Its spruce top and mahogany body, back, and neck blend to demonstrate Yamaha’s devotion to tone balance. Let your fingertips glide across the rosewood fretboard as each note fills your senses with warmth and richness.

Release Your Sound: Piezo Pickup Precision

With a piezo pickup, the Yamaha APX600 delivers amplified sound. This guitar’s piezo pickup setup preserves your sound on stage or in the studio. Nickel strings for durability are your loyal companions on a musical voyage without limits.

Thin-Line Cutaway Improves Playability

The Yamaha APX600’s thin-line cutaway body is elegant and playable. Gracefully navigate the fretboard, knowing you can handle every intricate passage. The 25″ scale length and small string spacing make playing for hours comfortable.

Visual Appeal: Abalone Sound Hole Rosette

The Yamaha APX600’s abalone sound hole rosette is a work of art. It improves the guitar’s acoustics and aesthetics, bringing brilliance to your music.

Fixed Bridge and Beyond: Reliability Redefined

The Yamaha APX600’s fixed bridge mechanism maintains strings in tune, letting you focus on your music. Mahogany construction gives it a deep, resonant tone that lasts, letting each note linger.

Versatility: Studio to Stage

The Yamaha APX600 is your constant buddy, whether you’re playing in a cosy studio or on stage. Artists looking to explore any musical terrain will love its seamless blend of tonal flexibility, playability, and boosted capabilities.

The Yamaha APX600 Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a beacon of innovation and talent in a universe of limitless sound. It allows you to explore musical possibilities and express your creativity through tunes. Join the Yamaha APX600 on a musical journey like no other with its elegant design, playability, and tonal perfection.


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Yamaha APX600 Acoustic-Electric Guitar First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Rimmers Music


  1. Thin body design makes it easy to handle and play.
  2. Abalone sound hole rosette enhances its acoustic performance and aesthetic appeal.
  3. Piezo pickup configuration delivers great sound when plugged into an amplifier or recording equipment.
  4. Fixed bridge system ensures that the strings stay in place and do not go out of tune easily.
  5. Suitable for both beginners and professionals.



specifications Thin
specifications Abalone sound hole rosette
specifications Stage
Brand Yamaha
Color Black

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2) Fender CP-60S Acoustic Guitar

Best acoustic guitar for small female hands

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Experience harmonised resonance and classic style with the Fender CP-60S Acoustic Guitar. This exquisite instrument is your gateway to musical exploration, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player.

Beautiful Classic Elegance: A Visual and Sonic Marvel

The sunburst Fender CP-60S Acoustic Guitar looks like vintage legends onstage. Its strong spruce top gives it a bright, clear tone that makes each note dance smoothly. The laminated mahogany back and sides warm and balance your melodies, giving them a rich, resonant sound.

Comfortable and Playable: A Guitarist’s Dream

Smooth mahogany neck and walnut fretboard hug your fingertips. This superb combination makes playing comfortable, responsive, and intuitive. With 20 frets and a 24.75-inch scale, you’ll easily navigate the fretboard whether strumming or fingerpicking.

Rosewood Bridge and Chrome Die-Cast Tuners Provide Stability

The durable rosewood bridge and chrome die-cast tuners keep your strings in tune. For hours of musical inventiveness, the Fender CP-60S is your faithful companion.

Versatility: For All Players

With its parlor-size form, the Fender CP-60S Acoustic Guitar is a versatile artistic canvas. Its reduced size makes it comfortable for all ages and sizes of players. Beginners will love the CP-60S’s easy fretboard, while experienced players will love its complex tone palette.

A Symphony of Options: Creating Your Musical Journey

The Fender CP-60S Acoustic Guitar is a ticket to aural adventure. This guitar is your constant companion, ready to enrich your music whether you’re strumming under a starlit sky, recording in the studio, or performing on stage.

The Fender CP-60S Acoustic Guitar combines sound and aesthetics with innovation, craftsmanship, and timeless design. Take a musical journey that expands your creativity. Explore the limitless creative possibilities of the CP-60S and let your songs echo with its engaging spirit.


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Fender CP-60S Acoustic Guitar First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  Haworth Guitars


  1. Smaller parlor size design makes it easy to handle and play.
  2. Chrome die-cast tuners keep the guitar in tune for longer periods of time.
  3. Rosewood bridge system ensures that the strings stay in place and do not go out of tune easily.
  4. Solid spruce top and mahogany body deliver a warm, bright sound with excellent sustain.
  5. Suitable for both beginners and experienced players.



specifications Smaller parlor
specifications Chrome Die
Brand Fender
Color Sunburst
Top Material Type Solid Spruce

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3) Fender CC-60S Beginner Concert

Best acoustic guitar for small female hands

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Start your musical journey with the Fender CC-60S Beginner Concert Acoustic Guitar, a masterpiece for music lovers. This affordable, high-quality guitar is ideal for beginners.

A Beautiful Sound: An Elegant Aesthetic

The Fender CC-60S’s black finish shows off its modern, streamlined design. The thick wood top gives this guitar a clean, resonant timbre. Mahogany on the back, sides, neck, and fretboard creates a warm, balanced tone.

Comfortable Concert Body for Easy Play

The concert body type combines form and function for a comfortable, joyful playing experience. As you hold this instrument, your hands will glide smoothly around the fretboard, making even the most difficult chords and melodies easy to play.

Sound Projection: Scalloped “X”-Bracing

Scalloped “X”-bracing strengthens the guitar’s solid spruce top and boosts its sound. Each strum resonates with clarity and depth, bringing your audience into your melodies.

Eternal Resonance: Walnut Bridge with Saddle Compensation

The calibrated saddle on the walnut bridge ensures exact intonation and clean tone. Your music will resonate and shine with every note.

Universal Melodic Embrace: For All

The Fender CC-60S embraces right-handed and left-handed musicians. Its smooth mahogany fretboard invites you to explore melody and harmony’s endless possibilities.

Launch Your Artistry: Unveil Your Sound

The Fender CC-60S Beginner Concert Acoustic Guitar becomes an extension of your work. Its cheap elegance lets you paint your musical canvas with a variety of appealing colours.

Let the Fender CC-60S guide your musical journey. Solid spruce top, mahogany body, and walnut bridge create a symphony that vibrates with your spirit. Let the Fender CC-60S guide you on this incredible musical journey.


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Fender CC-60S Beginner Concert First Hand Review Video

Video Source: brotherUU


  1. Concert body style makes it easy to handle and play.
  2. Solid spruce top with scalloped X-bracing delivers a rich, warm sound with excellent sustain.
  3. Gloss finish adds to its overall aesthetic appeal.
  4. Suitable for both right- and left-handed musicians.
  5. Durable and long-lasting mahogany body and neck.



specifications Concert body style
specifications Solid spruce top with scalloped X
specifications Gloss
specifications Walnut bridge with compensated saddle
specifications Hand orientation
Brand Fender

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4) Yamaha FS820 Acoustic Guitar

Best acoustic guitar for small female hands

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Yamaha’s FS820 Acoustic Guitar showcases its artistry and ingenuity. This instrument blends gorgeous design, superb materials, and fascinating sound with precision and care. The FS820 offers a unique musical experience for beginners and pros.

A Natural Elegance: Enchanting Sound

The FS820’s natural finish complements its pure tone. With a solid Sitka spruce top, this instrument delivers clarity, projection, and responsiveness. Its versatility fits your playing style, ensuring every note sounds precise.

The Mahogany Heart: A Warmth Symphony

The FS820’s beautiful mahogany body provides a balanced tone. Strum and pluck, and each chord stirs the soul, making this instrument excellent for many musical styles.

Made for Comfort: Your Fingers’ Pleasure

A smooth and welcoming wood neck and fingerboard make the FS820 a tactile treat. Your fingers will move smoothly across the frets, letting you realise your musical visions.

Stability and Precision: Performance Essentials

Nickel strings of the FS820 demonstrate their durability. This guitar’s fixed bridge design provides stability and precision, letting you play your heart out without worrying about tuning.

Empowerment: Unleash Creativity

The FS820’s adjustable truss rod shows Yamaha’s dedication to your music. Customise the guitar’s action to your playing style for comfort, creativity, and expression.

Varying Brilliance: A Canvas for Your Art

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Yamaha FS820 Acoustic Guitar takes you on a thrilling musical journey. Its solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany body, and rosewood fingerboard and bridge create a warm, brilliant instrument.

Make the FS820 your creative partner, a tool that matches your spirit and voice. As you strum, pick, and play, the Yamaha FS820 Acoustic Guitar’s harmonising sound and craftsmanship will carry your melodies.


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Yamaha FS820 Acoustic Guitar First Hand Review Video

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  1. Solid Sitka spruce top delivers a clear, bright sound with excellent sustain.
  2. Mahogany back and sides add warmth to its overall sound.
  3. Smooth and easy-to-play rosewood fingerboard and bridge.
  4. Diecast tuners keep the guitar in tune for longer periods of time.
  5. Adjustable truss rod allows musicians to customize the action of the guitar to suit their playing style.



specifications Solid Sitka Spruce Top
specifications Mahogany Back Sides
specifications Rosewood Fingerboard
specifications Rosewood Bridge
specifications Diecast Tuners

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5) Fender FA-235E Concert Acoustic Electric Guitar

Best acoustic guitar for small female hands

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The Fender FA-235E Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar comes in Lilac, Ivory, and Black to complement your style. Your guitar will express your personality and artistic spirit, whether you want Ivory, Lilac, or Black.

Sonic Excellence: Craftsmanship at Work

A sturdy maple wood top gives each note brilliant clarity and projection. The mahogany body adds warmth and depth, creating a rich, harmonic mix. With a maple back for acoustic resonance, the FA-235E captures your musical creativity with lively and balanced tone.

Play Passionately: Comfort and Craftsmanship

The mahogany neck and Indian laurel fretboard provide an unmatched playing experience with easy fret navigation. These finest materials combine comfort and workmanship, letting you gracefully explore your music. The concert body type balances comfort and projection, letting you play for hours with enthusiasm.

Electrify Your Voice: Performance

Easily switch from acoustic to electric with the FA-235E’s inbuilt electric system. Plug in and boost your sound onstage or in the studio. This adaptable capacity lets you explore new audio levels, ensuring your music engages audiences and has the desired impact.

Genres and More: A versatile journey

The FA-235E shines in versatility. It’s versatile enough for soft ballads or high-energy chords. This guitar is essential for musicians who want to experiment and push limits.

Portable, lightweight instrument

The lightweight FA-235E doesn’t sacrifice quality for busy people. Your guitar is ready to play with you whether you’re serenading a small group or jamming with several.

The Fender FA-235E Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar embodies artistry and innovation. Its fascinating colours, precise tones, and electrifying powers allow limitless creativity. Strumming, plucking, and amplifying your guitar expresses your voice and emotions. Your musical adventure is limitless with the FA-235E as your muse.

lectric capability and lightweight design also make it perfect for musicians who are always on the go.


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Fender FA-235E Concert Acoustic Electric Guitar First Hand Review Video

Video Source: JEFFGUITAR


  1. Available in three different colors: lilac, ivory, and black.
  2. Choice of top materials: maple wood or mahogany wood.
  3. Versatile instrument that can be used for a variety of different musical styles.
  4. Electric capability allows it to be easily plugged into an amplifier or recording equipment.
  5. Lightweight and easy to transport.



Brand Fender
Color Lilac, Ivory, Black
Top Material Type Maple Wood, Mahogany Wood
Body Material Maple, Mahogany
Back Material Type Maple Wood

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6) Ibanez AEG50 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Best acoustic guitar for small female hands

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Best Craftsmanship: Dynamic Tonewoods

The AEG50’s appealing sound comes from its precisely constructed tonewoods. Each note rings clearly with the spruce top’s purity and resonance. Sapele back and sides create depth and richness to the sound with a warm, balanced tone. The Nyatoh neck and walnut wood fingerboard make playing comfortable and allow players to be creative.

Recognising Acoustic and Electric Versatility

The AEG50’s dual role as an acoustic and electric instrument is its true genius. With the Ibanez S pickup technology, this guitar can easily switch from acoustic to amplified sound. The S pickup captures the guitar’s natural resonance, preserving your artistic vision. This versatility allows players to explore a variety of genres and performing techniques, making the AEG50 an essential tool for any musical journey.

Music Navigation: Comfort and Playability

The AEG50’s neck profile encourages musicians of all abilities to explore music in comfort. The sleek and modern body form makes fingerboard navigation easy, allowing artists to create engaging melodies and complicated chords. The fixed bridge system provides stability and correct intonation, letting you focus on performance.

Seamless Style and Protection: Beauty and Function

The high gloss black coating modernises the AEG50 and protects it from damage. This sleek exterior matches the guitar’s great tone, blending style and substance.

Performance and Expression: Mobile Music

The lightweight and adaptable AEG50 is ideal for mobile musicians. This instrument easily adjusts to your creative demands, whether you’re performing, recording, or playing for fun.

Ibanez AEG50 Acoustic-Electric Guitar is the peak of innovation and artistry. Its harmonic blend of dynamic tonewoods, adaptable pickups, and great playability lets guitarists unleash their creativity. The AEG50 invites artists of all levels to experiment, break boundaries, and create music that speaks to them.


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Ibanez AEG50 Acoustic-Electric Guitar First Hand Review Video

Video Source: DwaynesGuitarLessons


  1. Designed to be both acoustic and electric, making it versatile for any musical style.
  2. Spruce top and sapele back deliver a warm, clear sound with excellent sustain.
  3. Smooth and easy-to-play walnut fingerboard and nyatoh neck.
  4. S configuration pickup delivers a clear, bright sound.
  5. Lightweight and easy to transport.



specifications Acoustic
specifications Walnut Fingerboard
specifications Nyatoh Neck
Brand Ibanez
Color Black
Top Material Type spruce top

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7) Fender CC-60SCE Concert Acoustic Guitar

Best acoustic guitar for small female hands

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Elegant Tonewoods: Redefining Craftsmanship

The CC-60SCE’s tonewoods were carefully selected for unmatched sound. The solid spruce top with scalloped X bracing produces a harmonically rich, clear, and sustained sound. Mahogany back and sides add richness and depth to the guitar’s sound, while mahogany neck and fingerboard make playing pleasant.

Fishman Pickup and Preamp: Flexible Amplification

The guitar’s Fishman low-profile pickup and preamp system increase its versatility. The Fishman technology precisely captures the guitar’s natural acoustic resonance, guaranteeing that the amplified sound matches the instrument. This revolutionary electronics package allows seamless transitions from intimate acoustic to electrifying amplified performances.

Playability and Expression: For Modern Musicians

A single-cutaway design gives players of all levels quick access to higher frets and more creative options on the CC-60SCE. Concert body styles balance comfort and projection, making them ideal for stage and studio use. The guitar’s lightweight build and streamlined body form make it easy to move across the fingerboard.

Stability and Precision: Tuning Sound

The hardtail bridge mechanism ensures stable tuning and perfect intonation, providing musically consistent music throughout your performance. This great attention to detail lets you focus on your music without distractions.

Beauty and Function: Style Meets Function

The CC-60SCE’s high gloss black coating protects and enhances its attractiveness. This harmonic blend of design and function shows Fender’s commitment to making instruments that are both beautiful and musical.

Finally, the Fender CC-60SCE Concert Acoustic Guitar combines creativity and innovation. Its exquisite craftsmanship, sophisticated electronics, and player-centric design make it a useful instrument for performers seeking a versatile, adaptable instrument. Whether onstage or in creative sessions, the CC-60SCE lets you explore, create, and connect via music.


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Fender CC-60SCE Concert Acoustic Guitar First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Rimmers Music


  1. Solid spruce top with scalloped X bracing delivers a clear, bright sound with excellent sustain.
  2. Mahogany back and sides add warmth to its overall sound.
  3. Single-cutaway design makes it easy for musicians to reach higher frets and play more complex chords.
  4. Fishman low pickup configuration delivers a clear, bright sound when plugged into an amplifier or recording equipment.
  5. Lightweight and easy to transport.



specifications Single
specifications Fishman low
specifications Solid spruce top with scalloped X
specifications Mahogany back and sides
specifications Easy

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Best acoustic guitar for small female hands 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best acoustic guitar for smaller female hands in 2023?

Shopping for an acoustic guitar can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many choices on the market today. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced guitarist, it’s important to find a guitar that fits your physical stature and satisfies your playing needs.

Females typically have smaller hands and shorter arms than males, meaning they require a different size of guitar in order to play comfortably. It can be challenging to choose the right acoustic guitar, as there are differences in body shape, fingerboard width and depth, as well as string gauges.

This buying guide aims to provide all the necessary information needed to find the best acoustic guitar for smaller female hands. We will cover topics such as:

  • Body size and shape;
  • Strings;
  • Bridges;
  • Active electronics;
  • Tonewoods;
  • Neck profiles;
  • Scale length;
  • Fingerboard radius;
  • Nut width; and
  • Cutaways.

We will also discuss the importance of finding a comfortable fit with test playing guitars if possible. You’ll find everything you need to make an informed purchase decision of an acoustic guitar for smaller female hands here!

Best acoustic guitar for small female hands

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What to Consider When Buying an Acoustic Guitar for Small Female Hands

Buying an acoustic guitar for a small female player requires careful consideration because size, weight, and other design factors affect a guitar’s playability. Below are some of the key points to consider when making a purchase decision:

  1. Body Style: A dreadnought body is a common choice because it tends to have the widest span of string-to-string spacing and can be comfortable to play even if you have small hands. Parlor or orchestra models are also good options. These guitars usually produce a bright, focused sound that is ideal for fingerpicking, but may be too small for strumming chords.
  2. Length and Width: Getting an instrument with the correct length and width ensures that it can be held with ease and played comfortably without reaching too far for notes on the upper frets or strings. Most female players prefer guitars with scale lengths under 24”, which provide more manageable sizes for smaller hands.
  3. Weight: Hand size isn’t all that matters; lighter guitars are generally easier on the wrists and arms when playing for extended periods of time. If you’re looking at models made out of heavier materials like mahogany or rosewood, try out several models at one time to find one that feels comfortable in your arms despite its weight.
  4. Neck Profile: Player preference plays an important role in finding an ideal neck profile; some players prefer thin necks while others opt for thicker profiles that provide more pressure in particular parts of their fretting hands and yield higher sounds by pressing down further on the strings at higher frets (ease of playability). Make sure to try out different profiles before committing to one design so you can experience how each style fits your playing style best.
  5. Action: The action is how far off the fretboard strings get—the lower this is set, the easier it is to press down notes without having your fingers tire easily from squeezing too hard during fingering techniques such as tremolos or hammer-ons/pull-offs. When possible, try out instruments first or ask shop attendants if they’ll adjust the action if necessary according to your individual needs.

Different Types of Acoustic Guitars

When it comes to buying the best acoustic guitar for small female hands in 2023, there are several factors to consider when choosing which type of guitar is right for you. Generally speaking, there are four types of acoustic guitars: classical, steel-string, semi-acoustic (also known as an electro-acoustic), and twelve string guitars.

Each type is designed differently and offers various features:

  • Classical guitars have nylon strings that produce a round and mellow tone, ideal for playing classical and flamenco styles of music. They also tend to have smaller bodies, making them more suited to smaller hands.
  • Steel string acoustic guitars use metal strings, creating a louder sound than their nylon counterparts. They can be played in most styles of music including blues and folk.
  • Semi-acoustics have a hollow body with electric pickups built into it so they can be amplified but also retain the natural acoustics that acoustic guitars provide – these are great for concerts as they provide balanced sound even in large venues.
  • Twelve string guitars have six pairs of strings that offer a fuller sounding tone – perfect for when a more ‘airy’ sound is desired.

Overall, different types of acoustic guitars offer different sounds depending on the style or song being played – the best one will be down to personal preference! When choosing which type of guitar suits your needs or playing style best, it’s important to take into account things like affordability, weight (which may affect smaller hands), your playing level and the type of music you wish to learn or play.

Top Brands for Small Female Hands

When looking for an acoustic guitar that accommodates people with smaller hands, most women can find a great fit in certain models from well-known brands.

Yamaha, an industry leader in guitar production, makes several acoustic models crafted to fit women’s smaller frames. The Yamaha FS700S is all solid wood and an excellent choice, as it has a relatively small neck for finger dexterity. The Yamaha C40 is another acoustic option, with a dreadnought body and comfortable neck size for ease of playing.

Fender’s notable classic dreadnought and folk guitars are ideal for women with small hands as well. Their CD-140SCE model features a cutaway body which allows easy access to the higher frets and also includes an onboard pickup system with 3-band EQ if you want to amplify your sound. Taylor Guitars’ Big Baby model is also perfect for those looking for a slightly smaller body size without giving up any of the classic Taylor sound quality. Its scaled-down construction makes fingering easier while providing superior resonance.

For anyone seeking the maximum ease of playing while still having plenty of power and depth in sound, Martin Guitars’ LX1E Little Martin model boasts a solid spruce top, mahogany-patterned HPL back and sides and has scaled down body dimensions that make it perfect even for the smallest framed individual.

These well-known brands offer some excellent choices when it comes to finding the best acoustic guitar for female hands of any size. Consider the type of music you want to play when making your final decision on which one might work best for you!

Recommended Acoustic Guitars for Small Female Hands

If you’re a female with smaller hands and looking for an acoustic guitar, it can be difficult to find one that fits your size. It is important to get a guitar that is comfortable for you as a player in order to make the most of your practicing time. To make it easier for you, we have created a list of some of the best acoustic guitars for small female hands in 2023.

  • Size: Most guitar manufacturers offer numerous models designed specifically for players with small hands. Concert size and parlor size guitars tend to work well when you’re shorter on scale length due to their narrower bodies, meaning they can be easier on the shoulders while still providing plenty of tonal capability.
  • Construction: It’s important to find a guitar built out of materials that are suited both to playability and sound quality. Many top-end features include solid spruce tops, mahogany back and sides, ebony fretboards, and rosewood bridges which provide greater resonance than traditional woods such as basswood or agathis.
  • Action: Acoustic guitars come equipped with adjustable truss rods which allow players to customize action (the height of strings in relation to the fretboard). Low action makes playing easier but can result in buzzing noises when fretted too hard; high action brings more clarity at the cost of more difficulty when playing chords or lead lines. Adjusting string height is easy enough to do at home if needed!
  • Sound Quality: The last thing you need is an instrument that produces poor sound quality. Fortunately, many excellent small sized acoustics utilize cutting-edge technology like scalloped bracing, hooked fingerboards and advanced electronics – all helping create glorious tones from these smaller guitars. Experiment with different pickups as well as mixing different sounds versus relying solely on what one mic offers you!

Conclusion: Finding an acoustic guitar suitable for smaller female hands doesn’t need to be challenging when you know what features and construction materials are best suitable for your musical style and needs -with this guide hopefully now there’s one less obstacle keepingyou away from your dream instrument!

Best acoustic guitar for small female hands

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Tips for Playing an Acoustic Guitar with Small Female Hands

Playing the acoustic guitar is a rewarding and enjoyable experience, however for those with smaller hands, it can pose some difficult challenges. It’s important to find a guitar that is comfortable to play and also fits in with your personal style. Fortunately, there are many options available that are specifically designed for players with smaller hands. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing an acoustic guitar for small female hands:

  • Look for narrow necks – Narrower necks can help make the fretboard easier to reach which will result in less strain on your fingers.
  • Consider the scale length – Opt for guitars with shorter scale lengths as they tend to be easier on small hands when playing chords and plucking strings.
  • Choose appropriate body styles – Look for guitars with thin bodies such as parlor shapes or cutaway dreadnoughts which also contribute to a more comfortable playing experience for small hands.
  • Pay attention to string types and action – Acoustic guitars come equipped with different types of strings such as nylon or steel which have varying levels of string tension and playability so choose wisely based on preference/skill level and comfort level. Additionally, ensure that the action on your guitar is adjusted appropriately so that you don’t struggle when hitting notes or chords.
  • Try before you buy – Of course always remember before making a purchase its best to try out some different instruments first so that you can really make sure it’s the right fit for you!


In conclusion, when choosing an acoustic guitar for small female hands, make sure to consider all of the qualities mentioned in this guide. The most important factor to consider is the body size; small-bodied acoustic guitars are easier to grip and play than large-bodied instruments. Additionally, look for features that can help enhance playing comfort such as ergonomic neck profiles and slim fretboards.

Finally, remember to try out different brands and guitar models so that you can find the instrument that fits your playstyle best. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to identify the right guitar for your needs in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What guitar should I get if I have small hands?

A smaller guitar, such as a parlor or concert size, may be a good option for someone with small hands.

What size guitar for a petite woman?

A 3/4 size guitar may be a good option for a petite woman.

What acoustic guitar neck is best for small hands?

A slim or narrow neck may be best for small hands when it comes to acoustic guitars.

Who plays a 3/4 size guitar?

Children or people with small hands often play 3/4 size guitars.

Can you play acoustic guitar with small hands?

Yes, it is possible to play acoustic guitar with small hands, but a smaller guitar with a slim neck may be more comfortable.

Which acoustic guitar is easiest on the fingers?

An acoustic guitar with a narrower nut width may be easiest on the fingers.

Is a 3/4 guitar good for small hands?

A 3/4 size guitar may be a good option for small hands, but it ultimately depends on the individual player’s preferences and comfort level.

What guitars have the thinnest necks?

Some electric guitars, such as those made by Ibanez and Jackson, are known for having thin necks.

What guitar has the smallest nut width?

Nut width is a measure of the width of the fingerboard at the nut, and some small travel guitars may have small nut width.

Which small guitar is best for beginners?

It depends on the individual’s playing style and preferences, but a smaller guitar like a 3/4 size or a concert size may be a good option for beginners with small hands.

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